About Me

Judys PortraitI’ve always been a rover – my parents are to be thanked (or is it blamed?) for that. They left Australia and headed for Polynesia when I was one year old – I had two first birthdays on board ship while crossing the dateline!

After a childhood in Samoa, the Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea, I settled down somewhat in Australia, to finish high school and train as a physiotherapist. But itchy feet are hard to keep still! After graduating from university it was only two and a half years before I took off again. I bounced between Australia, the USA and England for the next twelve years before making a really serious move – to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This was probably the most significant time in my life. During the six and a half years of my residency in Saudi I fell in love with the country, the company I worked for (Saudi Aramco), and a Canadian electrical engineer who became my husband.

Eighteen months after Bob and I married, we left the ‘Magic Kingdom’ and took to the high seas. For the next ten years we owned a twelve metre catamaran, sailing between Australia and the islands of Vanuatu, where we took out residency. Although we’ve now sold the sail boat, we’re still roving. I don’t often get the chance to practice my chosen profession nowadays, apart from the occasional sufferer I meet along the way. So perhaps I can share something via the internet which will be useful to other sufferers!

I have been a physiotherapist (physical therapist) for thirty-eight years and have come to realize that the most important part of my profession is education – teaching people about their problems and what they can do to help themselves. It is surprising how successfully people can treat themselves, if they know what they are doing! And, after recovering, they will have the tools to prevent and treat recurrences.

You are with yourself twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week. If you know what you’re doing, you can improve much faster than if you relied solely on a therapist, who you may only see two or three times per week. You are the best therapist you could have. Here’s to self-treatment!

Judy MacDonnell

Caution: As long as you carefully follow the instructions in these posts, you should not injure yourself. However, if you are not responding quickly, or you’re finding pain or function is becoming worse, stop. In that case, please seek a qualified therapist or a medical doctor for a personal evaluation.