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Welcome to my blog site!

In my posts you will find information about all kinds of physical ailments, and how to treat them yourself at home. You don’t always need expensive equipment to be able to gain relief from pain and loss of function. Because you’re with yourself all the time, not just for half an hour once or twice a week, you are the best therapist for your own problems! You just need to know what to do.

My husband Bob and I are gypsies, of a kind. We have been on the move for years now (read the page “About me”), so it is difficult for me to practise my profession in a traditional way. This blog is one way to meet with people who are hurting and help relieve some suffering. Although it’s difficult to evaluate someone long-distance, the material you find here may still be useful. Please give me feedback. I promise to reply as soon as possible, though I could be in the wilds of somewhere and may not have internet access for periods of time!

Of course I don’t expect this information to help everyone fully, but even some relief is worthwhile. Sometimes it is important to see a professional rather than continuing on your own – please don’t continue to treat yourself if the home treatments aren’t working for you. However, as long as you observe the cautions given, you can’t harm yourself by following these instructions.

I hope we’ll become friends over the following months and years, and that you’ll feel free to ask me questions as well as reading what I have published here. I’ll do my best to answer genuine questions. Here’s to self treatment!

Judy MacDonnell